Iridescent Marbled Pearl Acrylic Ouija Board Necklace

Iridescent Marbled Pearl Acrylic Ouija Board Necklace

Laser cut acrylic miniature Ouija board with Abalone cabochon inlay. This Acrylic has to be seen to be believed, It is a beautiful, shimmering, marbled mix of pearl and iridescent violet that catches the light in the most amazing ways. Complete with a planchette on a chain which unhooks so you can really use it! Perfect for summoning teeny tiny spirits when you're out and about having fun with your witches!


Violet/Pearl/White Marbled iridescent Acrylic

Abalone Shell

Felt Backing


NOTE: Any pieces ordered after Sunday 13th of December will NOT be posted out before Christmas. 

The shop will remain open, but no more items wil be posted out after this date until after Christmas. Thank you for your understanding, and have a merry Christmas!




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