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  • Laura Blackledge

Are you sitting comfortably...?

Hello everyone. This is just going to be a very quick post to introduce myself, and tell you all a little bit about what i do.

Are we all sitting comfortably...?

Then I'll begin!

My name is Laura, and I'm an artist, mother of two children, and occasional feeder/cushion of a cat that doesn't live here, but condescends to hang out with us and eat our food sometimes. I currently work mainly out of my living room, and a proto-workshop in a slightly elderly shed with a very large unglazed window/ventilation arrangement (massive hole) in one wall. On the plus side the view out of it is beautiful in the summer, but I fantasy shop for my perfect new shed on a regular basis, especially when the wind changes direction.

At the moment I'm finishing off my fourth and final year of a degree in 3D Design at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. I work in literally any medium and technique I can get my hands on, as the purpose of all my art is to tell stories and create miniature, pocket worlds for the viewer to fall into and get lost in, and the more tricks you have in your bag to achieve this, the better.

This year I have been focusing on my biggest creative passion, dolls, and have been working in the incredibly challenging medium of slip-cast porcelain, to create fully articulated, ball-jointed dolls with individual characters and personalities. I will talk about this process more in future posts, but for now, here's a picture of one of my prototypes, "Melancholy", from my "Hysteria Girls" collection I have been working on this year, sitting in my shed-with-a-view with me this morning.

I look forward to updating you with progress on this collection, and other new work as it happens, thanks for stopping by and looking round!

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